Angelini Pharma Inc.


Established in the early 20th century, Angelini Pharma Inc. has grown to become an international player in the healthcare field.  As Angelini Pharma Inc., we have one of the highest quality and most comprehensive product ranges in the chronic wound, infection control and dialysis healthcare market. Our mission is to meet our customers’ day-to-day needs with effective, reliable and high-quality products that are widely available and accessible. This goal is expressed through a clear vision:  to be the physician’s first choice of product for their patients’ needs and well being.

As a result of our specialists’ expertise and intensive applied research activities, efficient and closely coordinated manufacturing and distribution chain and marketing experience, Angelini Pharma Inc. has achieved excellence in our core business areas including:

  • Dialysis
  • Wound Care
  • Devices
  • Pharmaceutical

Angelini Pharma Inc. pursues its mission with knowledge and skill, a close focus on ethics, and respect for the patient, physician, the environment and the community in which we operate.  Our name has become synonymous with guaranteed quality and safety.


The mission of Angelini Pharma Inc. is to offer innovative solutions. To promote disinfection and reuse and to provide safe and effective products to our targeted customers.

Seek out the needs of our customers, and strive to exceed their expectations by providing a comprehensive range of services that are valued by the people we serve.