Dialyzer Reprocessing System

  • Validated for use with all the chemicals (bleach, peracetic acid,formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde)used in reprocessing, regardless of the different brand names.
  • User-friendly interface helps the technician in the daily operations with a noteable reduction of the operator’s time.
  • Uses hydrostatic pressure; an equally accurate and less maintenance intensive method rather than trying to weigh small volume fluids.
  • The MAKY™ will remind the operator on a calendar schedule that a PM or 409 procedure should be performed, including step by step instructions.
  • The MAKY™ uses two or three gallons less of RO water per reprocessing (12-18 cents per dialyzer) than a Renatron®.

The aggressiveness of the cleaning cycle improves the reuse numbers of the facility that reprocesses with the MAKY™.
A user-friendly interface helps the technician in the daily operations with the consequent operator’s time reduction.

The MAKYTM 21.1 Dialyzer Reprocessing System holds a 510K since September 26, 2003. It has nine (9) operating programs that can be employed as a semiautomatic or completely automated system, linking as many MAKY’s together (maximum 9) as required to function in large facilities or centralized reprocessing centers.

The programs are “Standard, High-efficiency and High-flux.” Each of those offers an extended cleaning cycle, if it is determined that a dialyzer requires extra effort to clean. The other three (3) programs are available for the medical director to prescribe as he or she chooses, but specifically in anticipation of the availability of hemodiafilters, which have a port for fluid replacement that may require significant alterations in the approach to reprocessing.


Maky Product Sheet