Frequently Asked Questions for Biopad 

1.     If I cut a small piece out of the Biopad, can I just save the rest for later?  No, you can’t. The product is sterile and designed for single use.

2.     What can I wet it with?  You can wet the Biopad with saline solution or what you feel is appropriate for your patient’s type of wound. Biopad acts as a carrier and can be applied and removed according to your prescription, in case you do not want to leave the wet Biopad in the patient’s wound bed too long.

3.     What type of secondary dressing do you recommendWhatever you like; remember it has to be semi-permeable to air in order to allow evaporation of extra amount of fluids.

4.   How often should I reapply?  It really depends on patient’s wound reaction. In case of large amounts of wound exudate, we suggest to check the wound after 24 hours.

5.     What do I do if it is still visible after 1 week?  In case Biopad is still visible after one week, it could be that the wound was not reacting with Biopad: it may need debridement or need a wet solution to be added.

6.    Will you ever add silver to it?  Silver does not affect Biopad properties. Please apply accordingly to your experience and knowledge. 

7.     Which side of the pad do you put onto the wound?   It can be applied with either side down.

8.     What else is in it?  Biopad is 100% pure Type I collagen, there are no other additives. 

9.      Can I use it under compression?  You can use Biopad under compression. Biopad is a soft dressing that conforms to the wound bed acting as a filler without adding extra pressure on the wound bed.

10.    Can I use it under PRP?  Yes you can. Biopad has good property in porosity and density to also can be used as scaffold for PRP. Follow your center’s protocols and procedures.

11.    Can I use it in Hyperbaric Chambers?  Yes you can, please follow your protocol and be in line with suggested procedure for dressing change.