Bleach-Wipe 1:10


Effective against C. difficile
A Consistent and Accurate Concentration of Bleach Every Time for:

  • Medical, Dental & Lab Counters
  • Exam Tables & Carts
  • Dialysis Machines
  • Point of Care Equipment
  • Sinks & Counter Tops
  • Treatment Rooms
  • Lockers

Passed the Following EPA Required Studies:

  • Wipes Test: Presaturated towelette for hard surface disinfection-3 organism (Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica, Pseudomonas aeruginosa).
  • Tuberculocidal Test: AOAC Tuberculocidal Activity of Disinfectants.
  • HIV: Viral efficacy of presaturated towelettes for hard surface disinfection (HIV-1 viricidal).

Alcavis Bleach-Wipes 1:10 dilution has a stable twelve month shelf life.

Alcavis Bleach-Wipes 1:10:

  • Full size towel 8”x 10” for large surface areas.

Available in the following size:

Package Quantity Product Code
8″ x 10″ 100/bx 09041-100


Product Sheet (pdf)

SDS (pdf)